12106 Stanwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Beat Out 5 Offers

My Westside Home represented a wonderful couple who were expecting their first child and wanted their first home to be in the Beverlywood area of Los Angeles. MWH worked with their father and mother to create a very unique experience for these first-time home-buyers. Believe it or not, we managed to put the property into escrow while beating out 4 other offers and ultimately surprising their son and daughter in-law with a new home -- all without them knowing! They of course, love the charming home and are extremely grateful for the gift. Here is how it happened: Ryan and the father were driving around looking at potential fits when they arrived at the home. By chance, they happened to meet the owner outside and struck up a conversation. She invited both of them in, thus leading to a pleasing exchange and preview of the property that was already in multiple offers. Ryan received a call from the agitated seller’s agent that evening stating that she would have preferred that he had spoken directly to her instead of with the seller. Ryan told the agent that it happened organically and was a very pleasant exchange. That night we put an offer in on the property, even though the seller’s had countered the four other buyers. 

Because of MWH’s confidence, savviness, professional demeanor, and innovative approach, we were able to secure the property for our clients and had a seamless and easy escrow, all with beating out 4 other offers who came in before us!

4 Beds  |  3 Baths  | 2,278 sq ft